mazinger z vs getter robo


two worlds come together as dr. hell and the dinosaur empire team up!

  • Genre: Fanfiction
  • Length: Long
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there was no telling how long humanity had left, for professor saotome. the dinosaur empire could strike again any day, and time spent away from the lab was time spent away from the getter robo. even so, saotome had to steel himself and listen closely to professor yumi's words. yumi was of course much younger than he was, but photon power was an invaluable resource. 'if only i had the chance to speak to professor kabuto,' thought saotome. 'though i suppose his successor isn't bad.'

"and this is...." started professor gennosuke yumi, before noticing someone off in the distance. "why, if it isn't kouji kabuto!"

"hey professor!" said kouji, holding some bags as he came closer. "i was just on my way to pick up some stuff for the pool."

"kouji, this is professor saotome of the saotome getter ray reaserch institute," said yumi, turning to his tourist. "professor, this is kouji. he's the grandson of the late juuzo kabuto, the founder of the photon power labs. he's quite bright for his age, even if he does get into trouble from time to time."

"aw shucks," said kouji. "thanks, professor. and it's nice to meet you, professor saotome."

"a pleasure," said saotome menacingly. the hair on kouji's neck raised. "i got into quite a bit of trouble myself when i was your age."

"he also pilots our pride and joy, mazinger z," said yumi in an attempt to endear himself to the scary man beside him.

"the photon-powered super robot?" inquired saotome.

"that's right. although, i'm sure she doesn't compare to your getter robo."

"now hold on!" cried kouji, visibly upset. "nothing can compare to my grandpa's z!"

"well, i'd have to see it myself," said saotome.

"me too," started a voice from behind saotome. it was hayato jin, saotome's protege. the young man stood over six feet tall, and his long hair almost covered his face. his demeanor was almost as frightening as saotome's. despite being the same age as kouji, he had an air of maturity about him.

"ah, there you are, hayato. i was wondering where you were," started the aging professor. "hayato, this is kouji kabuto, the heir of the photon power labs."

"nice to meet you," said hayato with a glare as he reached out his hand. "i hope we can cooperate together."

kouji, not one to let his fear get in the way of his kind heart, reached out and shook the hand in front of him.

"it's a pleasure to meet you, hayato. say, i was just on my way to get some stuff for the pool, would you care to join?"

hayato's eyes glanced back to meet those of the professor's.

"that's fine, hayato. you should get some rest every once in a while, too. i'm sure ryouma and musashi are already down by the pool anyway."

"if that's how it is..." started hayato, electing not to finish his sentence. "well, i won't refuse hospitality, kabuto."

"that's great!" laughed the young pilot. "see, i knew you weren't a bad guy."

"i wouldn't be so sure," joked hayato in his deadpan tone.

as the two walked away, saotome looked at professor yumi and made his intentions clear.

"so, gennosuke yumi, why don't you show me this photon power."

meanwhile, on the faraway bardos island, a frightening figure stood menacingly, plotting mazinger z's demise. it was baron ashura! half man, half woman, split down the middle, ashura covered their hideous form with a purple robe; only their face and their hands were ever on display.

"you have failed me for the last time, baron ashura!" cried a voice even more despicable! for every ounce of evil in baron ashura, dr. hell had ten more! the villain stood by the window, his wild hair blowing in the wind in an even more impressive display than his dark cape. "do you know how many of my mechanical beasts you have sent to their death?!"

"you don't understand!" plead the woman.

"kouji kabuto can't be defeated!" shouted the man.

"enough of your excuses!" screamed dr. hell. "i should rid myself of your presence!"

"please!" cried ashura. "don't leave us!"

"i have received word of a new ally," said dr. hell, lowering his voice. "someone who can finally rid the world of mazinger z for good!"

ashura gasped. was such a feat even possible? mazinger's power was too great-- and if someone else came in and stole dr. hell's favor, it couldn't be good. surely they were planning to destroy dr. hell, if they had the power to destroy the hated super robot.

"are you jealous of their might?" taunted dr. hell. "too bad! a fitting punishment for such a failure! now leave, before your disfigured face sickens me further."

ashura turned and left. they weren't about to let some unknown power step into their territory. they'd show dr. hell! but how?