The Undetected Thing


There is a creature that dwells in the playground for children at night. It moves and roams waiting for something that no one knows.

  • Genre: Horror
  • Length: Short
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Timothy and Randall walked through the midnight entanglement of the playground as their shadows were dragged before them. They had both snuck out to the park to see if what the others said was true. Normally they were immune to the fables that the older kids conjured up, but this, this was different. When they spoke of the monster that hung by the playground it was with reluctance rather than pride. As if talking about it was deadly in itself. So they walked in silence. Slow and steady, they made their way carefully around the playground waiting for nothing, and expecting nothing, but somewhere, deep in the back of their minds they knew something was there with them. Something, that when it saw you, you couldn't tell. You couldn't feel the stare of the unknown beast like Stephen King always said, and somehow that made it all the worse. Because in the recess of their minds they knew it was there with them. And they knew it was close, but somehow just beyond notice.