Fantastic Addock


Fantastic Addock (real name Paul Fish) travels the world, solving problems and earning renown, while looking to earn the title of Most Fantastic in All the Land, held by his idol Fantastic Sir Braddock. At least, that's what this con man with a gift of twisting the truth would have you believe.

  • Genre: Humour
  • Length: Medium
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"Fantastic Addock was slaying the water-beast in the chasms of Sarr when he was shot in the arm with a flaming arrow!"

Fantastic Addock was talking to his reflection in the mirror in his room above the Fish and Drips Tavern.

"Fantastic Addock touched the Stone of Embers in the tomb of King Vulcanus and his arm went up in flames!"

He was attempting to come up with an explanation for why his arm was seared like a barbecue dire-wolf from his last adventure.

"The Dragon-Monkey grabbed ahold of Fantastic Addock and took to the skies, roasting Fantastic Addock's right side with its fire-breath born of the lakes of Hell! Oh, that's good."

He heard something shatter downstairs and knew the drunken group was getting impatient. If he were to collect the silver they had paid to hear his account of his last adventure, he would have to go downstairs now. He steeled himself and turned to the door. Anything was better than the truth: that he fell into a bonfire while fleeing the tax collector.