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05:27 06/02/16
blackwater aggie
Tried to post a continuation, but it just said "processing" forever, probably because I took so long that it logged me out. Anyway, logged back on, tried to copy and pasted what I previously typed, and I get a message saying there was an error processing my request.
03:14 06/02/16
03:07 06/02/16
wild spanish oranges
I enjoy the way you describe things.
01:43 06/02/16
What happened to CAPITALIZATION?
"is add capitalization, and perhaps an 'edit' option available for three minutes after a post."
23:50 06/01/16
zero hour
"As you all know, the hive ship just moved to fifteen miles above the North Pole. They are doing something to our magnetic field. We don't know what they're trying to accomplish, we don't know why they're doing it, but we know that THIS is where we put an end to these bastards!" I spoke with as much certainty as I could—hoping to convince myself. "Ladies and gentlemen, this will not be easy, in fact, many of us will die, but humanity will survive because of of the price we pay with our blood! I am proud of each and every single one of you, and it is my honor to serve with you!" They answered my words with cheers and applause, and I could see the misplaced hope on the faces of every pilot and mechanic. They stood proudly in front of fleet of modified Blackbird fleet—we placed our hopes in their nuclear payloads. A single face among the looked at me with a sadness and certainty of an oracle. She approached me. "captain, you know I must advise against this mission," the old woman spoke to me in a German accent. "Any civilization capable of bending space itself to reach us is so far ahead that there is no point. We might as well be a fly trying to destroy a tank." "I'm sorry, but I have my orders professor." "Our priority should be the survival of humanity. We should be trying to figure out what they want, and why they haven't wiped us out. They have done something to Venus, Mercury, and even the sun—they're treating the entire Solar System like some kind of gravitational machine." She quickly flipped through her binder of tables and schematics in search of something to convince me. "It's the general you should be trying to convince," I said as I walked towards my plane. "Please captain! This is a mistake!" These are the last words I would ever hear from her—after returning months later, I would find out that she was executed for treason.
23:36 06/01/16
The Anomaly

22:21 06/01/16