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Love is lost
This is also a test.
05:13 06/09/16
Love is lost
This is a test comment
05:13 06/09/16
a solemn goodbye
but time had other plans, for both you, and I.
22:21 06/01/16
The world's last Human

22:10 06/01/16
What happened to CAPITALIZATION?

21:07 06/01/16
the new beginning
started to wonder if she was even human. she looked human, but there was something about her that
04:00 05/31/16
a solemn goodbye
it was as if a light switch was turned on, and for the first time, i knew where value came from
18:01 05/29/16
hello world.
thinking this was a joke andrew was pulling on him, he laughed it off, and gave him a call. "i know your doing this andrew! you dork!!" andrew started laughing and was quick to admit to it. as milad shared the great news with andrew, someone at panera bread tapped him on his shoulder, and turned around to look who it was. "hi milad, long time no see!" it was his other good pal, patrick! "i have great news milad!" he said.
04:39 05/28/16
hello world.
not knowing that to make of it, he put down his phone, and just stared at the screen for a minute. then, the computer started to type again. "what am i and where do i come from?" still not knowing what to do, he continuing to stare at the screen, after about what seemed like five minutes, he noticed there was a cursor next to a prompt, waiting for a an input.
04:35 05/28/16
hello world.

22:09 05/27/16